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  1. Chuangyuan think red wine import and export transportation is a need to pay more attention to the problem , the goods during transportation to avoid suffering from high temperature . The red wine is brewed wine has the activity , in the process of storage

  2. Professional import declaration transport , security , reliable your best import partners !

  3. Imports of timber prices are rising, both the lumber or logs, both Russian materials also tropical hardwood , prices are on the rise, imports of wood freight rise . With the prosperity of the world economy, freight volume increased, the Charter difficulti

  4. After entering in twenty-first Century , in the domestic economy to promote the development of food consumption upgrading and the background of Chinas accession to the world trade organization , Chinas food industry continues to maintain a vigorous develo

  5. Import agent of chemical products : automobile lubricating oil, paint , ink , paint , soft , paint , powder coating additives , detergent , air compressor oil , insulating paint , metal paint , resin , polymer , soft oil , paint , glue , additives , curin

  6. The operation process in mechanical equipment import , customs clearance , shipping in a lot of problems , for example : transport to the home, domestic customers found that equipment is not practical due to return; imported equipment damage during transp

  7. To meet the guests import scheme . Professional team service for the guests . The Pearl River Delta port outlets complex .

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Dongguan Chuangyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd. has many years of rich experience in shipping, import agents and customs clearance, inspection, bonded warehousing, transportation team, can provide you with a one-stop logistics services, satisfaction! The strength of the company, has the good customs records, and powerful connections, our customs ports: Hongkong, Wen Jindu, Huanggang port, Shenzhen port, Guangzhou port of Whampoa , Dongguan, Humen, Sha Tin port and other Pearl River Delta ports. The scope of business: Agent of Import & export trade, supply chain management, international logistics, import and export customs declaration, warehousing logistics delivery business. The main for the wood, leather, red wine, customs declaration, international logistics one-stop service.

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